Lean Implementer Graduates Fall 2013

Lean Implementer Graduates Fall 2013

Congratulations to the latest group of Lean Implementer students who’ve just finished ISI’s 2013 Summer/Fall 5 month course!

34 students from American Airlines, Charles Machine Works, Cookshack, Digital Designs, CMP, American Gaming Systems, ATC Drivetrain, LynnCo Supply Chain, Taylor Industries, Centek, Baker Hughes, Muncie Power Products, Southern Specialties & McElroy Manufacturing were awarded plaques for completion of the course.

The students were required to conduct kaizen events during the course’s duration, and the work done was phenomenal. Some example results were:

Controller Assembly: Build Time: Before- 105 min. After- 40 min. 62% decrease ; Space Used- 28% decrease

1 pc. Flow and Leveling of Powder Coat: WIP: Before- 46 hrs. After- 6 hrs. 78% decrease ; Lead Time: Before- 10 days After- 7 days 30% decrease

Poly Tank Cell: Cycle Time: Before- 6 min. After- 4 min. 33% decrease ; Part Travel: Before- 2,304 ft After- 602 ft 74% decrease ; Inventory: Before- 6 days After- 1.2 days 80% decrease

Great job by all!


Students were asked, “What’s something you got out of the course?”

– “Being able to collaborate with people with different backgrounds, with different companies. It made me look at my processes differently”

– “I finally understand how all the lean tools fit together, and it has made me better able to teach the process.”

– “I think lean naturally, but now I can apply it to many situations. This has been 5 months of a Swiss Army knife of tools to attack waste.”

– “It’s given me the confidence to run events. It’ll be rough at first, but now I know it will be OK.”

– “Inventory: I’d never seen the waste of time and money in inventory and parts before this class, now I get it. We have hundreds of thousands of dollars in material just sitting around.”

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