Lean Implementer Class Completion 2014

Lean Implementer Class Completion 2014

Congratulations to the latest group of Lean Implementer students who’ve just finished ISI’s 2014 Spring/Summer 5 month course!

44 students from Allied Motion, American Airlines, American Gaming Systems, Baker Hughes, Caseco, Centek, Charles Machine Works, CMP, Ditch Witch, John Crane, Kimray, Linde Processing, LynnCo Supply Chain, McElroy Manufacturing, Professional Image, and PT Couplings were awarded plaques for their completion of the course.

Students were required to conduct kaizen events at their company as part of the course. There were a variety of projects chosen, resulting in dramatic savings for their companies. Below is a small sample of student event summaries:

Cable Reel Pull System: Customer Lead Time: Before- 9 Weeks, After- 4 weeks   56% decrease ;  Manufacturing Lead Time: Before- 10 days,  After- 3 days. 70% decrease ;  Part  Travel Before – 4953’, After 1936’    61% decrease

Tool Crib, Pre-set and Grind: Build Time: Before- 50 min., After- 15 min,   70% decrease ; Foot Travel: Before- 1437’,  After- 250’. 83% decrease ;  Process Steps Before – 128, After 51  60% decrease     — Added 3640 hrs. of capacity, savings of $397,000 annually

International Export Process: NVA Time: Before- 420 min/job, After- 35 min/job,   92% decrease  ;  Job Processing Time: Before- 60 min.,  After- 46 min. 23% decrease

Machining Cellular Flow – EDM: Part Travel in Plant: Before- 3522’, After- 2000’,  43% decrease  ;  Order Lead Time: Before- 32.4 days.,  After- 1.6 days. 95% decrease

Great job by all students!

Students are asked at the end of the program, “What’s something you got out of the course?” Here’s some responses:

“We reduced enough steps in the cell that the operators were concerned about getting enough daily steps on their pedometers for the Wellness Program.”

“It was much more complicated than I thought it would be. I learned my previous experience was lacking.”

– “As a Buyer, it will help me clean up my processes with my group, and with my venders as well.”

– “I worked with lean experts in the past, but was never exposed to the concepts like in this class. I learned a lot from the different students in the class, and seeing how others worked a problem.”

– “I got a better understanding of the past two years, where we were doing lean, but I didn’t understand how it all went together.  I am on the floor more now, to serve the operator.”

– “Even though I was exposed to lean when I was Six-Sigma & Lean coordinator at my previous company, I was still lacking in my understanding and knowledge of what tools to use.”

– “Confused at first, by the farther we got into it, the more it clicked. VSM was a very valuable tool, used to not like VSM, now I use it all the time.”

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