1300th Lean 101 Class!

1300th Lean 101 Class!

Industrial Solutions – ISI has just passed a milestone, teaching it’s 1300th introductory lean class with simulation!

The Open Enrollment Lean 101 w/ Live Simulation class taught July 8th at Tulsa Technology Center was a special one for us. ISI’s Mark Bradway, Brain Shoop and Bill Brazelton presented the material to the three companies in attendance.

ISI offers three classes with a hands-on simulation: Lean 101 for manufacturing; Lean Office for administrative personnel, and Lean Pizza for food processors. Each one is designed to help the students understand how lean can work for them, in their environment. The simulation portion helps them translate the instruction portion into action, and see it’s effectiveness. Over the last 15 years, in coordination with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, ISI has put hundreds of companies and over 19,500 people through the 8-hour classes.

The Open Enrollment class is taught the first Wednesday of every month at Tulsa Technology Center, and closed classes for individual companies are held whenever and wherever needed.

And the 1301st class is being taught today in Stillwater… No other lean consulting firm has more experience in training, facilitating, and leading companies through their lean journeys than Industrial Solutions. With over 35 lean topics in our inventory, with training materials designed to meet Oklahoma manufacturer’s requirements, no other firm can match ISI for experience, cost, and local understanding of your needs.

Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your business.

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