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Atlanta Lean Consulting


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We are experts at implementing the Lean Tool Set and guiding cultural transformations.

In 1997 Industrial Solutions was established to respond to a need in the market for practical and effective process improvement services. Since then Industrial Solutions has constructed a complete package of services to help companies improve production performance, shorten lead times, and increase profits. Industrial Solutions has a team of trainers and consultants who bring together their unique skills and wide range of experience in the application of Lean Thinking principals to help any company implement successfully in Nashville businesses.

Atlanta Lean Consulting


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Atlanta Lean Consulting

ISI has the expertise.  ISI has the skills.  ISI has the resources.

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Atlanta Lean Consulting

Industrial Solutions provides a complete and comprehensive suite of lean training and management courses designed to initiate and propel your Lean journey. We offer basic training in Lean principles, detailed training in Lean tools, and leadership training for all levels of the organization. We are constantly modifying our training materials to meet the client’s unique needs. Custom courses are created regularly: in length, content, depth of subject, even incorporating the terms and lingo the clients uses. We can meet your needs.

Industrial Solutions

An Oklahoma based Lean Thinking, Lean Consulting and Management Training firm. Albuquerque Lean ConsultingWe are experts at implementing the Lean Tool Set and guiding cultural transformations.Throughout North America, we serve every type of company: transactional, contracting, municipalities, service, distribution & manufacturing. Dallas Lean Consulting here to aid your company.

What is Lean Thinking?

Lean thinking is a business operating system that maximizes customer value while minimizing waste. Lean thinking defines anything that does not add value for the customer as waste. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. Lean thinking seeks this goal through waste elimination along entire value streams instead of just isolated points. The creation of new processes that require less human effort, less space, less capital, and less time. Lean thinking will improve the performance of any business in any industry.

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Atlanta Lean Consulting

Celebrating 20 years of providing Business Transformation Services for clients throughout North America!