Industrial Solutions – ISI is the leading Lean Thinking and Management Consulting firm in the region, and has served over 600 companies in all levels of process improvement.  ISI provides training, facilitation and consulting services.  ISI has developed courses and training material on over 40 process improvement topics, and has worked in almost every manufacturing and administrative environment.

ISI is looking for an individual to join our team:

  • Full-time, Tulsa-based Lean Thinking Consulting position
  • Degreed professional preferred, with 10+ years of experience in manufacturing environments
  • Lean practitioner with experience running kaizen events
  • Work history of progressive responsibility and leadership roles
  • Excellent communication and personal skills
  • Independent minded person, who needs little guidance when given a project
  • Process improvement is a passion

The candidate will work with companies to:

  • Develop comprehensive Lean Implementation strategies and plans
  • Train clients on lean concepts
  • Conduct improvement events at company sites
  • Train and coach management of all levels

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