Lean Office Open Class –   February 19, 2021

City: Tulsa, OK


     Tulsa Technology Center

     Tulsa, OK 74146

To sign up call  918-906-5226 or CLICK HERE!

Lean Office™

Course Content

The students will learn about and understand how to identify the eight forms of waste. The techniques for eliminating waste and creating improvement performance will be taught and practiced through the hands-on simulation. Students will learn about identifying flow in administrative processes and how to measure performance in a modern office.




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Pull in the office? Yes, it can be achieved. The principles of Lean Thinking apply in office settings as well as the factory floor. This course will show the participants the various forms of waste in administrative processes, and using an incredibly realistic
and hands-on simulation, to give each student practical experience in reducing or eliminating waste in a process. Whether it’s a transaction based company, or any office setting such as Material Control, Purchasing, Accounting, Engineering, Sales, Human Resources, Planning, etc., the group can benefit greatly from Lean techniques.

More info

  • The class is designed for 12-17 participants.
  • This class is one day for a total of 8 hours. Lunch is provided.
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.