Design for Manufacturability

Course Content

Participants will learn the methods of DFM to reduce material content costs and labor hours needed, then practice what they have learned on two separate case studies.

Target Area

During the workshop, application activities will occur on some products at the participants’ facility. The team will be tasked with applying DFM principles, resulting in design changes that can be applied immediately.

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Design for Manufacturability is a methodology that can dramatically reduce the part numbers and complexity of engineered parts, weldments and assemblies. Engineers and designers learn techniques to simplify the designs, making the parts easier to cut, weld and assemble: yet get better characteristics from the finished product. Material costs and labor hours savings are quickly realized. A perfect course for any company with an Engineering Department. The techniques can be applied to new designs, or to simplify current products.

More info

  • The workshop is designed for up to 12 people.
  • The workshop is 2 full days for a total of 16 hours.
  • Participants should have completed a basic training course in lean manufacturing principles such as Lean 101 or equivalent.