Lean Implementer

Lean Implementer

Participants in Lean Implementer will learn to facilitate the Lean efforts at the process level of the company. These classes are hands-on experiences that equip participants with the tools necessary to become a successful Lean Leader.


Theory is good, but participants must be able to apply the principles. Therefore, we conduct all training at a host client where participants experience real-life scenarios on the shop floor of a company that is engaged in a Lean Initiative. The course covers 5S/VFM, VSM, QCO, TPM, Cell Flow, Pull, VAM, TWI, Facilitation Skills & others.

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The curriculum contains 160 hours of rigorous training in the core tools and disciplines of Lean Manufacturing. It also requires participants to do homework assignments, and to facilitate a kaizen event at their home company.


We administer periodic tests to check student understanding. At the end of the program, each participant completes a Board Examination. This is an open-book written and oral exam.

More info

  • Each participant will receive a wealth of materials including access to beneficial on-line materials.
  • The course is designed for future Lean Leaders, and classes are limited to 10 students.
  • This program meets for four consecutive days each month, for five months. Each session day is 8 hours. Lunch is provided.

Next Course Dates

ISI is currently taking registrations for Lean Implementer Open Courses starting in October, 2021:

Lean Implementer Track 59  – Tulsa

    CLICK HERE  to sign up.   Hurry, class is limited to 10 students!