Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Course Content

Black Belt certification begins with a review of Green Belt level skills, using these as a jumping off point to delve much more deeply into the statistical control side of Six Sigma.

Participants complete a real-world project over the course of training, and will meet individually with the instructor as a project coach. Participants are also expected to complete significant individual work on projects outside of class.

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LSS Black Belt provides a deep understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodology. Over the course of this program, participants develop the skills to become leaders in the field that allows them to address problems across the scope of supply chains.

Black Belt participants learn to apply tools across their entire supply chain, moving from a tactical to a strategic view of process improvement across an organization.

More info

  • This class is designed for 10-12 participants.
  • This class meets for a total of 15 full classroom days. Class is broken up into three monthly, week-long sessions.
  • LSS Green Belt or equivalent industry experience. Participants