Lean and Green Certification

Lean and Green Certification Course Content The Lean and Green certification focuses on adapting Lean tools broadly to environmental waste. Basic Lean tools (Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Eight Wastes, etc.) are introduced from the perspective of the environment rather than the perspective of the customer,...read more
lean pizza

Lean Pizza

Lean Pizza Course Content Participants will learn the basic definitions of terms used in Lean Manufacturing. They will learn how to reduce processing cycle times by 80%, reduce work in progress up to 90%, reduce floor space up to 75%, and improve quality up to...read more

Lean Facilitation Skills

Advanced Facilitation Skills Course Content All aspects of planning and running improvement events are covered in 3 main phases: Pre-Event, Days 1-5, and Post-Event planning and execution. There are class exercises with every topic. Your Lean Journey Starts Here! Contact us for information on upcoming...read more

Quick Changeover Workshop

Quick Changeover Workshop Course Content Participants will learn how to apply SMED and identify internal and external set-up operations. Participants will apply what they are learning to a machine in their company’s facility and will demonstrate the power of SMED to achieve a 30% improvement...read more

Cell Flow Workshop

Cell Flow Workshop Course Content Participants will learn about cell design, work balance, single piece flow, standard work, point of use storage, visual controls and performance measurement. Application of cell design techniques will take place in a shop floor environment. Target Area During the workshop...read more

Total Productive Maintenance Workshop

Total Productive Maintenance Workshop Course Content Participants will learn the terms and formulas connected with the TPM methodology. In addition, they will learn about the six types of waste that reduce equipment effectiveness. Participants will design the data collection methods and forms as they observe...read more

Kanban Workshop

Kanban Workshop Course Content Participants will learn about pull signals. Kanban is a Japanese word that means “sign or signal” and is used interchangeably to denote any visual system for signaling production activity. This course includes instruction in design and application of the pull system...read more

Training Within Industry Workshop

Training Within Industry Workshop Course Content Standard work is one of the basic building blocks of a Lean Transformation, but many people will not realize the potential benefits without a strong, cogent training method. Under the guidance of a seasoned facilitator, the participants will learn...read more
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Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability Course Content Participants will learn the methods of DFM to reduce material content costs and labor hours needed, then practice what they have learned on two separate case studies. Target Area During the workshop, application activities will occur on some products at...read more

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training Course Content Participants will be introduced to the DMAIC methodology - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control - and basic Lean topics including Takt- Time, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, and Poka Yoke. This program will allow the student...read more