Strategic Deployment

Course Content

This process will result in:

  • Defined company strategic goals and business metrics that will drive desired performance and accurately reflect progress
  • An understanding of what conditions must be in place for a viable company-wide Lean initiative
  • A list of improvement events and company projects to achieve the strategic goals
  • A timeline of planned activity to execute the plan
  • A Management Team aligned under one plan with total ownership

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Strategic Deployment is a methodology for capturing and translating the organization’s vision, goals and objectives into executable, actionable and measurable events appropriate to each level of the organization. This tool will align your management team on what the issues are, and provide them the tool to fully agree on the course of action.

ISI can help steer your organization down the path to improved performance by charting the right course with management and then aligning the correct activities to support the organization’s business plan and strategic objectives.

No plan in place? ISI can help develop a vision for your organization that will drive performance. Key measures are reviewed regularly with management and adjusted as necessary to achieve objectives in the least possible time. We’ll help you exceed your customer’s expectations.

More info

  • The program is designed for a company’s management team.
  • The Strategic Deployment process is typically 2 full days for a total of 16 hours.
  • Participants should have taken a Lean 101 or equivalent, and understand waste elimination principles.