Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting

Think about it:
If you eliminated 20% of your waste, you could double your production capacity.

Isn’t that cheaper than:
Adding a 2nd shift?
A new building or plant?
Outsourcing work you could do yourself?
Losing dissatisfied customers?
Laying off talented and dedicated employees?

How could you not pursue lean???

Lean Consulting
If you are ready to begin your Lean Consulting transformation but are unsure where to begin, our team at Industrial Solutions can help. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss ways that Industrial Solutions can help you improve profits and eliminate waste. And when you choose Industrial Solutions, we work with you to design a custom solution to meet your needs.

Our Lean Consulting History

Since 1997, Industrial Solutions has helped over 600 companies through out North America by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve a Lean transformation. Working in a broad range of industries has provided us with an unsurpassed depth of experience. This helps us understand the nuances of Lean techniques and their application in any situation. Feel free to browse our consulting service lists on the Facilitation and Training pages, and read our case studies to see what ISI consulting can do for your business.

ISI has the expertise. ISI has the skills. ISI has the resources.