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Lean Implementer Homework Assignments

1. After Month 1, due by Wednesday of the 2nd month:

Draw a Current State Value Stream Map & an Operator Balance Chart of a process at your company. It should be at least 3 manufacturing processes long. Be sure to show your Takt Time calculation, the Total Lead Time and Value Added Ratio.

2. After Month 2, due by Wednesday of the 3rd month:

Fill out a Job Methods Analysis Worksheet on a work process (should be 10 steps or more). Put in as much detail as possible on the form. Two examples are on the additional tabs for reference.
Month 2 JM Breakdown Worksheet – .xls file (direct download)

3. After Month 3, due by Wednesday of the 4th month:

ISI VSM Problem –map and calculations based on the data set given. Show the Takt Time calculations, Total Lead Time, and Value Added Ratio. Draw an Operator Balance Chart.
Next, for a 2-week period, in cooperation with a machine operator, calculate the OEE percentage. A OEE Data Collection Form is provided, and use the findings to calculate the OEE using the OEE Worksheet.
Month 3 INITECH VSM Homework – .pdf file (to download: right-click, Save Link As)
Month 3 OEE Data Collection Form – .xls file (direct download)
OEE Worksheet– .xls file (direct download)

4. After Week 4, due by Monday of the 5th month:

Calculate the parameters for a pull system using the Supermarket Sizing Spreadsheet provided. Fill in the Data tab if the information is available. Run the calculations for 5-10 parts.
Month 4 Supermarket Spreadsheet – .xls file (direct download)