Industrial Solutions’ Lean manufacturing training is a very good program that can be used across many businesses. They have talented people that are able to articulate the materials and cultures needed to implement and sustain these programs and solutions. Thank you for your help, job well done!

T. Bybee
Director of Fabrication

Hydro-Chem, Canton, GA

OSECO has used ISI extensively for training for all of our new employees in Lean concepts. Additionally, ISI has assisted our business with the creation of a Lean Facilitator program. This initiative resulted in 15 of our managers and technical leaders being equipped to lead Lean events not only on the shop floor, but also with many of our office value streams. Colin and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. OSECO will continue to call upon ISI’s expertise because they are the leaders in the state of Oklahoma and the region for continuous improvement.

M. Zinter
Director of Operations


Industrial Solutions allowed us to find the potential in ourselves to become problem solvers. The training provided by ISI allowed employees of all experience levels to be empowered and knowledgeable regarding waste reduction and ways to share valuable input from different perspectives.We plan to build upon the foundation they provided and have true enthusiasm regarding the prospective gains to be realized.

M. Rollins
Corporate HR Manager Benefits, Training & Dev.

Hopkins Manufacturing Corp.

As the Talent Development Manager at LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions, I have found Industrial Solutions to be an excellent provider of workshops and classes designed to enhance our employees’ understanding of Lean Office and Lean Manufacturing processes. ISI has supported LynnCo with workshops, resulting in various lean certifications for our employees. Personally, I have found ISI more than willing to serve as a sounding board for me in development of internal workshops and training content. If you are looking for a partner in your quest to take your company to a new level of employee understanding and development, I highly recommend reaching out to the professionals at Industrial Solutions.

L. Wakley
Talent Development Manager

LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

Our entire customer service team plus other key members attended the Lean 101 class and held a value mapping event with Industrial Solutions – ISI at our office to identify key processes in our customer service group that required improvement. As a result, our service has improved, our customers are happier, and our employees feel more empowered to identify and solve problems. A true win-win!

M. Stover
Chief Growth Officer

Burrows Post & Frame Supply

I have worked with ISI with two different companies that I’ve run and the results were consistently exceptional. The results from Colin and the ISI team help us improve our bottom line through improving manufacturing efficiency.The ISI group presents lean concepts in a simple to understand manner.

R. Nock
President & CEO

Preston Eastin, Inc.

We have worked with ISI for over three years now. Because of the foundation that ISI allowed us to create, our Lean journey is not only sustainable, it is ingrained into the culture of our company. ISI has not only trained many of our leaders and frontline people, they brought a level of accountability that was missing the numerous previous attempts at Lean. ISI teaches that Lean is a thought process, a way of life, a journey with no end and every day is better than the previous day by eliminating waste via continuous improvement to achieve one piece flow.Our employee engagement is the best it’s ever been. Employees are gaining a level of satisfaction that makes them want to retire from the company although we are going through a down cycle. It’s not easy. But I would recommend ISI to any company that wants to have lean thinkers. We would never be where we are today without ISI.As a result of our Lean Journey, we have eliminated thousands of hours and efforts that are non-value added. Lead times have dropped and the higher quality standards are enjoyed by our customers.

C. Davis
Manager, Manufacturing

McElroy Manufacturing

We recently rolled out an initiative for the Tulsa Base to become a Center of Excellence, and my organization was tasked with measuring all the components that went through three of my shops. We had a deadline to accomplish this within one month, and I was able to pull together three teams of employees that had been through the Lean Implementer class. They completed Functional Flow Charts, Spaghetti Charts, Current State Layout and Data collection from all the components that are produced within these three shops and were able to meet our deadline. I was so excited that these employees were able to optimize the training they received from the Lean Implementer class. This is why I believe it was important that we invest in our employees and we are now reaping the benefits of it.

T. Lance
Sr. Manager CRO Interiors

American Airlines