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Lean 101 w/ Live Simulation

Lean 101 Course Content Participants will learn the basic definitions of terms used in Lean Manufacturing. They will learn how to reduce manufacturing lead times by 80%, reduce work-in-progress by up to 90%, reduce floor space up to 75%, and improve quality up to 90%....read more

Lean Warehouse 101 w/ Live Simulation

Lean Warehouse 101 Course Content Participants will learn the basic definitions of terms used in Lean Manufacturing, as well as 5S, Visual Controls, Facility Layout, Teams, Batch Size Reduction, Quality at the Source, POUS, and Pull Systems. They will learn how to reduce order lead...read more

Lean Office™ w/ Live Simulation

Lean Office Open Class –   February 19, 2021 City: Tulsa, OK Location:      Tulsa Technology Center      Tulsa, OK 74146 To sign up call  918-906-5226 or CLICK HERE! Lean Office™ Course Content The students will learn about and understand how to identify...read more

Lean Green Belt

Lean Green Belt Course Content Lean Green Belt covers the principles, tools and applications of 5S, VSM, Plant Layout, Training within Industry, Mistake Proofing, Kaizens, QCO, TPM, Cellular Flow, Pull Systems, Lean Performance Measures, Leadership Roles, Strategic Planning, Lean Program Deployment and cultural challenges. Engaging...read more

Lean Implementer Certification

Lean Implementer Lean Implementer Participants in Lean Implementer will learn to facilitate the Lean efforts at the process level of the company. These classes are hands-on experiences that equip participants with the tools necessary to become a successful Lean Leader. Application Theory is good, but...read more

Measurable Management®

Measurable Management® Course Content Measurable Management ® equips front line leaders with skills and tools to engage their employees in continuous improvement activity within the company. This course is also a perfect complement to the company’s ongoing process improvement initiatives (e.g. Six Sigma, Lean) and...read more

5S Workshop

5S Workshop Course Content Participants will learn the methods of the 5S system and then apply what they have learned in a live situation in their own facility. Target Area During the workshop, application activities will occur in a department or workstation of the participants’...read more

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping Course Content Participants will learn the basic techniques of creating a Value Stream Map. The students will practice on a text-book exercise and then will map a real process within their own company. On day 2, the students will learn the methodologies...read more

Strategic Deployment

Strategic Deployment Course Content This process will result in: Defined company strategic goals and business metrics that will drive desired performance and accurately reflect progress An understanding of what conditions must be in place for a viable company-wide Lean initiative A list of improvement events...read more

Toyota Kata

Kata Introductory Training & Implementation Program Course Content ISI will lead a company through: Introductory Kata training of management and staff Assessing the current state & performing a gap analysis Developing the company vision Proper Learner Storyboard layouts, forms and functions Establishing the proper Target Conditions...read more